Authentic French with Commercials & Films

Watch & read and some gap-fill activities are available for the commercials and trailers which have videos on Youtube. Transcripts and some gap-fill activities are also available for the film clips; however, the clips are not available online so the DVDs will be necessary. Resources which include accents other than the standard French of France accent are indicated by flags.

Don't forget to check out the sister site, French Listening Resources, for more authentic (and spontaneous!) French and online exercises with mp3s and videos recorded in France. Some slideshows of informal French are also available at Informal French Videos.


Commercials / Publicites


McCafé France watch & read  
McCafé Canada watch & read gap-fill activity
Orangina watch & read  
Nutella watch & read  



Film Trailers & mini-series / Bande-Annonces & mini-series


Rien à Déclarer watch & read gap-fill activity
French Immersion watch & read  
Bref. J'ai monté un meuble. watch & read  



Clips / Extraits


L'auberge espagnole transcript gap-fill activity
Bienvenue chez les ch'tis [Picard*] transcript  
Prête-moi ta main transcript gap-fill activity
Bon Cop Bad Cop transcript  


* Picard is spoken in northern France/southern Belgium. It is called ch'ti by its speakers.


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