French Vocabulary: Be & Have Conjugations

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I amje suis
you are (informal)tu es

he is

she is

one is
il est

elle est

on est
we arenous sommes
you are (formal/plural)vous êtes
they are (m)

they are (f)
ils sont

elles sont
I wasj'étais
you were (informal)tu étais
he was

she was

one was
il était

elle était

on était
we werenous étions
you were (formal/plural)vous étiez
they were (m)

they were (f)
ils étaient

elles étaient
I will beje serai
you will be (informal)tu seras
he will be

she will be

one will be
il sera

elle sera

on sera
we will benous serons
you will be (formal/plural)vous serez
they will be (m)

they will be (f)
ils seront

elles seront
I havej'ai
you have (informal)tu as

he has

she has

one has
il a

elle a

on a
we havenous avons
you have (formal/plural)vous avez
they have (m)

they have (f)
ils ont

elles ont
I hadj'avais
you had (informal)tu avais
he had

she had

one had
il avait

elle avait

on avait
we hadnous avions
you had (formal/plural)vous aviez
they had (m)

they had (f)
ils avaient

elles avaient
I will havej'aurai
you will have (informal)tu auras
he will have

she will have

one will have
il aura

elle aura

on aura
we will havenous aurons
you will have (formal/plural)vous aurez
they will have (m)

they will have (f)
ils auront

elles auront


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