Italian Verb Conjugations: Essere & Avere

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Use the Next button to advance through the flashcards. Click the play button to listen to each verb pronounced in Italian. Make sure to repeat each verb out loud! Remember that subject pronouns are not always required in Italian, but they are included in the recordings.
io sono
I am
tu sei
you are (informal singular)
lui è
he is
noi siamo
we are
voi siete
you are (informal plural)
loro sono
they are
io ero
I was
tu eri
you were (informal singular)
lui era
he was
noi eravamo
we were
voi eravate
you were (informal plural)
loro erano
they were
io sarò
I will be
tu sarai
you will be (informal singular)
lui sarà
he will be
noi saremo
we will be
voi sarete
you will be (informal plural)
loro saranno
they will be
io ho
I have
tu hai
you have (informal singular)
lui ha
he has
noi abbiamo
we have
voi avete
you have (informal plural)
loro hanno
they have
io avevo
I had
tu avevi
you had (informal singular)
lui aveva
he had
noi avevamo
we had
voi avevate
you had (informal plural)
loro avevano
they had
io avrò
I will have
tu avrai
you will have (informal singular)
lui avrà
he will have
noi avremo
we will have
voi avrete
you will have (informal plural)
loro avranno
they will have