French Slang Words for Food

Learn slang words in French related to eating and drinking

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Learn some informal and slang words to talk about eating and drinking in French, with exercises and an audio recording by a native speaker.

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Eating and Drinking Slang Words Exercises

avoir la dalle - to be starving
→ J'ai la dalle et je sais pas quoi faire à manger. I'm starving and I don't know what to make to eat.
avoir la gueule de bois - to have a hangover
avoir les crocs - to be very hungry
avoir un petit creux - to be a little hungry
arroser - to drink to celebrate something
barbaque / bidoche (f) - bad meat
Berk ! - Yuck!
blonde (f) - ale
boire un verre / un coup / un pot - to have a drink
bouffe / boustifaille (f) - food
bouffer - to eat
boui-boui (m) - dive, bad restaurant
bourré / pété / rond / saoul / défoncé / plein - drunk
ça fouette - that stinks (said of cheese)
casser la croûte - to have a snack
→ On a cassé la croûte avec une vue magnifique depuis le nord au sud du Mont-Blanc. We had a snack with a magnificent view from the north to south of Mont Blanc.
chaud - tipsy, buzzed
chopine (f) - bottle of wine
dégueulasse - disgusting
gavé - stuffed (ate too much)
se goinfrer / s'empiffrer / se taper - to pig out
gueuleton (m) - feast, huge spread of food
Miam ! - Yum!
péter - to fart (also: to burst, blow up, snap)
picole (f) - alcohol, booze
picoler - to drink alcohol
picoleur, picoleuse - drinker
pinard (m) - cheap wine
pochtron / poivrot (m) - drunkard
prendre une cuite - to get wasted/plastered
pression (f) - draft beer
régaler - to treat, pay
repu - full (of food)
roter - to burp
tituber - to stumble (drunkenly)
→ Il titubait et hurlait dans les couloirs, complètement bourré. He was stumbling and yelling in the hall, completely drunk.
tournée (f) - round of drinks
trinquer - to toast, to drink to [this can also mean to be devastated, to suffer: Dans un divorce, ce sont toujours les enfants qui trinquent. In a divorce, it's always the children who suffer.]



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