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Learn some informal and slang words for school in French, with exercises and an audio recording by a native speaker.

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School Slang Words Exercises

bahut (m) - school (also truck, taxi)
Mon bahut est en grève !
My school is on strike!
bizut (m) - freshman / pledge (to a fraternity/sorority)
bizutage (m) - hazing
bouquin (m) - book
bûcher / potasser - to study hard, to cram
calé en - good/smart in
cartonner à un examen - to ace an exam
chouchou (m) - teacher's pet
colle (f) - difficult question
coller un élève
- to punish a student / give a student detention
Mon fils est collé deux heures par son prof de math. My son got two hours of detention from his math teacher.
être collé - to have detention
fac (f) - university
piger - to understand, to get (it)
plancher - to be grilled/interrogated by a teacher
potache (m) - student
se faire étendre / coller à un examen - to flunk a test
sécher un cours - to skip class



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