Germanic Languages Comparative Vocabulary: Colors

Learn the colors in German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Swedish, and Danish


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English German Dutch Afrikaans Swedish Danish
red rot rood rooi röd, rött, röda rød
pink rosa roze pienk skär, skärt, skära lyserød
orange orange oranje oranje orange orange
yellow gelb geel geel gul, gult, gula gul
green grün groen groen grön, grönt, gröna grøn
blue blau blauw blou blå, blått, blåa blaa
purple lila / violett paars / violet pers lila lilla
brown braun bruin bruin brun, brunt, bruna brun
black schwarz zwart swart svart, svart, svarta sort
white weiß wit wit vit, vitt, vita hvid
gray grau grijs grys grå, grått, gråa graa

For Swedish, words are listed in this order: common, neuter, plural.

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