Linguistics encompasses many fields related to language in general, but my major concentrations are in second language acquisition (SLA) and pedagogy. I received my Bachelor's degree in French & Linguistics in 2004 and my Master's degree in Linguistics & Teaching English as a Second Language in 2007. I am currently working on a PhD in Languages & Linguistics and expect to finish my dissertation in early 2015.

My major research interests are related to the role textbooks play in language teaching and learning, including the use of (or lack of) realia and informal language, as well as the teaching of vocabulary with regards to frequency and corpora and the importance of listening comprehension for learning vocabulary. Obviously, I'm also interested in the role technology plays in language learning, especially computer-assisted language learning (CALL) that allows for more audio-visual input than the regular classroom.

The following pages are based on notes from my university courses if you'd like to learn more about linguistics in general.

If you are interested in doing a degree in Linguistics, in addition to the pages above, you can read through the following notes, homework and papers that I wrote for my courses (PDF or DOC format*). This may not be representative of all Linguistics programs, but it will hopefully give you an idea of what type of work you may need to do in order to obtain a Linguistics degree. Please visit Applelinguist for a great review of PhD programs in Linguistics if you're still undecided about where to do your degree.



* Some of the Word documents use SILDoulos font for the IPA symbols, so you may need to download and install the font in order to correctly view the symbols.


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