Language Links


General Language & Multilingual Sites language portal - free online dictionaries, vocabulary trainers, quizzes, games and a language forum in 12 languages

Babel Fish Translations - Most popular translating site

Babel Site: Online Grammars - Occitan, Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Turkish, Japanese

BBC Languages - Emphasis on French, Italian, Spanish and German, but others included too

Book2 - Learn languages online for free with 100 audio (mp3) files!

Clip2Go - Users create and share multimedia word lists in German, Spanish or English

Dictionarist - Online talking dictionary, in 13 languages - Very useful, free dictionary project; includes 80 languages

Eastern European Languages - Phrases in all the Slavic and Baltic languages (and also Romanian)

E. L. Easton Languages Online - Several links for several languages

Enchanted Learning Childrens' Dictionaries - Picture dictionaries and printable pages for learning vocabulary

Ethnologue, Languages of the World - Web's largest database of language information

Eurolang - Support for linguistic diversity and minority languages in Europe

Fit for Europe - Information on the countries of the European Union, as well as their languages

Flashcard Exchange - Study and print language flashcards

Foreign Service Institute Courses - Developed by the US government, free language courses now in the public domain (downloadable pdf and sound files) - Lessons, Podcasts, Courses, Audio, Video, Reviews, Articles, Study Guides, Learning Materials - Another translating site for text or websites

Get the Skill: Languages - Free language courses in over 40 languages - Countries of the world in their local language, as well as translations into several other languages

Gilles Joyeux's Languages - Several lists of vocabulary, and memory games, in French, Spanish, Italian and German

G.L.O.S.S. - Global language online support system, search for lessons for several Less Commonly Taught Languages

Glossophilia - Resources on many of the world's languages

Goethe-Verlag - Free lessons, audio files and tests in 40 languages

HNHSoft Talking Dictionaries and Translators - Turn your smart phone or PDA into a talking translator and language tutor. HNHSoft bi-lingual dictionaries and talking phrase books include Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Compatible with all leading mobile platforms including iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Window Mobile, Palm, and Java phones.

How to Swear in Foreign Languages - From

I Love Languages! - Language resources on the web

I love you! in Various Languages

Indo-European Language Family Tree

Indo-European Studies - Multilingual site devoted to the Indo-European people: origins, migrations and civilization; archaeology and comparative linguistics.

Interactive Terminology for Europe - Multilingual term database (similar to a dictionary) for all European Union languages

Internet Picture Dictionary - Plus activities; for English, French, Italian, Spanish and German

Internet Polyglot - Free language lessons online, with audio and games; over 20 languages available

Jennifer's Language Page - Learn how to say several words and phrases in hundreds of different languages

Jewish Language Research Website - Descriptions of several languages spoken by Jews

LangMedia - Resources for world languages; video clips of everyday life and conversations in several languages

Language Learning Library - Grammar and phrases for 8 languages

Language Learning Software by - A spaced repetition program

Language Menu - Designed for teachers by teachers, several PDF lessons to download for teaching languages

Language Museum - Written samples and English translations of 2,000 languages

Language Realm - free resource for language reference, learning, and study (Japanese, Spanish, French, German)

Language Tutoring - Helping you learn a new language; contains over 70 articles - Provides free sound-integrated resources for learning languages

Languages for Travelers - Introduction to some of the most popular languages with basic pronunciation and basic phrases

Languages of Europe - Comparisons of several European languages in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary

Languages on the Web - Includes several bilingual texts, in 55 languages

Learn Languages Online - Free language tutorials for French, Portuguese, and German. Also includes resources for learning 12 other languages.

Learn Plus - Interactive language tutorials in German and Spanish

Learning Languages - By FX Micheloud

LearnVerbs - Pronunciation of conjugated verb forms in 9 languages (password needed, but free)

Linguaguide - Directory of language resources - 101 Phrases in 25 languages

Lingu@net Europa - Multilingual centre for language learning

Linguistic Maps - Demonstrate how existing ethnic and linguistic diversities are too often ignored or evicted by a nationalist point of view

Linguistic Resources on the Internet - From

Linguist List - The world's largest online linguistic resource

ListenLive - Listen to European radio stations online

LiveMocha - The social way to learn a language (community and lessons)

Living Language - Phrases for French, German, Italian and Spanish from the Fodor phrase books

Loecsen Orizon Player - Discover, hear and learn 70 essential expressions for travelling

Logos Children's Library - Tons of children's stories in several foreign languages, some with audio

Loquella - Free online French or Spanish course; focuses on vocabulary and pronunciation

Mahalo Languages - Directory of language learning sites; pay sites are marked

Mango Languages - Unique teaching method quickly engages you in real conversations between two native speakers

MIT Open CourseWare - Free language & literature course materials for MIT classes

Mixxer: Language Exchange - Free educational site for language learners and teachers to find a language partner for a language exchange.

MFL Video on Demand Resources - French, German, Spanish and Italian videos with transcripts and cloze exercises for listening comprehension

My Happy Planet - Learn a language from native speakers around the world for free.

Newspapers on the Internet - In several foreign languages

Omniglot Writing Systems - A guide to written language

Online Dictionaries - Multilingual dictionaries for 15 languages

Open Learn LearningSpace - Free language units from the Open University

Phrase Base - Forum for learning several languages through phrases - Free language exchange community

Project Gutenberg - Thousands of books in several languages to download

Quia Shared Activities - Online games and activities for several languages

Quiz Tree - Online quizzes in French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese

Resources for Students of Languages - English, French, German, Italian & Spanish

Sit Back... Watch... Learn - Blog that provides a collection of YouTube videos for learning Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Sign Languages, and Welsh - Thousands of foreign phrases arranged by subject for seven major languages

Speak7 - Free language lessons in 7 languages

Stella Courses - Courses for beginners in English, Spanish, Danish and Hungarian

SWAC Audio Collections - Choose a language, select a word from the index and click on the record that you want to listen to

Tongue Twisters - Large collection of tongue twisters in several languages

Transparent Languages - Free resources (blog, games, word of the day, quizzes, etc.) for several languages

Travlang's Foreign Languages for Travelers - Phrases and links for several languages, including audio files - Watch live TV online for free; channels in French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese - Type foreign characters easily (15 languages)

UCLA Language Materials Project - Teaching Resources for Less Commonly Taught Languages

Ultimate Vocabulary - an interactive vocabulary building software to help boost vocabulary for exams like SAT, GRE and TOEFL

Unilang Community - For anyone interested in languages, linguistics, literature, culture, translation, communication, etc.

Vistawide - Information source for world languages and cultures

Verbix Online Conjugator - Conjugate verbs in several languages

Vocabulix - Vocabulary and conjugation trainer for Spanish, German, and English World Languages - Links to language tutorials and websites

WikiLang - workspace for language learners and language enthusiasts to collaborate their ideas and knowledge

Word2Word - Lists of various language resources online

WordChamp - Language learning network; learn or teach a language - Swedish-Polish-English dictionary, with user contributions - Online French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian dictionaries

World of Reading - Source for foreign language and ESL materials to buy - Learning products to buy (audio, video, software, books) for several languages - Find a private language tutor - Language Exchange Community, flashcard-based

Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian Picture Dictionary - Find dictionaries of foreign languages



Romance Languages

Comparative Vocabulary - A few vocabulary lists for English, French and Spanish

Romance Languages - Information about all major romance languages, including Catalan and Romanian

George Watson's College - French, Spanish, and Italian grammar, vocabulary and exercises

Online Language Help - Available for Spanish, Voseo Spanish, French, Italian and soon Portuguese



BBC Languages - French

French Wikibook

French Numbers - focused solely on helping people to learn how to spell and say French numbers

Français Interactif - First-year French online course, from the University of Texas at Austin

Tex's French Grammar - Grammar explanations to accompany Français interactif

Open Learning Initiative - Video-based beginner French courses

BonPatron - Spelling and grammar check for French, just copy and paste your writing - Audio lessons for fast and easy online learning

French Online Grammar Quiz - Accompanies chapters in Allons-y textbook

Phonétique - Learn French with phonetic exercises

Français Facile - Lesson, exercises and games for learning French [English version available]

French Slang - Five chapters borrowed from Street French, with audio and exercises

French Vowels - Test your knowledge of the IPA and vowel sounds in French

French in Action Videos - Watch online [North America only]; full college course

Sons en français - Audio and video files to help with comprehension of spoken French

Learn Canadian French - blog with audio and video for learning Quebecois accent and vocabulary

Quebecois French Vocabulary - Largest dictionary of Canadian French on the internet

French Starters - Online guide to French Essentials; pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar

Les Synonymes - Synonym and antonym dictionary - Enter French verbs in any conjugated form to get the infinitive and full conjugation

All Things French - Links to various sites on French language and culture - Resources and games for learners and teachers of French

Le Point du FLE - Web-based activities for learning and teaching French

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links

Larousse Dictionnaire - French dictionary, as well as French-English

Cours d'été: français - from Ministère Education Nationale

France Bienvenue - Audio and transcripts of interviews and dialogues [site in French]

Expressio - Les expressions françaises décortiqueés; common expressions explained [site in French]

Civilisation Française - Audio exercises on aspects of French life and culture [site in French]

Amélioration du français - Downloadable PDFs for improving your French, especially vocabulary [site in French]

RFI Langue Française - Le journal en français facile, les mots de l'actualité, les exercices de l'écoute [site in French]

Bonjour de France - Le magazine pour pratiquer le français et dialoguer sur internet [site in French]

Langue au Chat - Le site qui vous nettoie la langue [site in French]

Le Professeur du français - Fiches pour les professeurs de FLE ou pour les élèves autodidactiques [site in French]

PolarFLE - Cours FLE pour apprendre et étudier le français en ligne [site in French] - Premiers pas sur internet; designed for kids [site in French]

Le trésor de langue française informatisé

Office Quebecoise de la langue francaise

ClicNet: Français langue étrangère et langue seconde [site in French], langue française [site in French]

Weboscope - Designed for Français Langue Etrangère teachers; it can be helpful for improving your French [site in French]



► Italian

BBC Languages - Italian

Italian Wikibook

Impariamo - Let's Learn Italian Forum, with free lessons

Studiamo Italiano

Impariamo l'italiano

La mia famiglia

Learn Italian Online Free - Grammar tutorials, word lists, phrases, and help with verbs

Teach Yourself Italian - Grammar and exercises

Italian Language Primer - Review of basic grammar and some basic vocabulary

Italian Grammar - Free Italian grammar for English speakers

ILGUR - Italian language, grammar, and usage resource in blog format

Italian 100 Web Exercises - Interactive exercises to accompany Prego textbook, from the University of Victoria

La Grammatica Italiana - Grammar and vocabulary exercises to accompany Prego textbook

Corso di Lingua - Dentro l'Italiano 4.0 Corso Elementare from Rai Educational

Oggi e Domani - Interactive course with 20 lessons

Due Parole - Online monthly newspaper written in simple Italian

Italiano in Famiglia - 20 video lessons for beginners with transcripts, but completely in Italian (designed for immigrants)

Italian Electronic Classroom - Provides useful information on difficult aspects of the Italian language

Professor Gio - Learn Italian for free, with audio

Italien Facile - Free Italian lessons online, with exercises and audio [site in French]

Virtual Italia - Resource for lovers of Italian culture

My Daily Phrase Italian - 100 lessons [no longer current] from Radio Lingua International

Learn Italian Pod - Several levels as well as cultural lessons

Radio Arlecchino - Italian culture and grammar podcast, for intermediate learners

World Languages Podcasting - Improve your Italian language skills by listening to conversations about Australian culture

Italianpod101 - Learn Italian on your terms (must create account to use)

Dizionario d'ortografia e di pronunzia - Useful dictionary if you want to hear the word pronounced [Italian only]

In Parole Povere - Appunti sulla (povera) lingua che usiamo ogni giorno [Italian only]



BBC Languages - Spanish

Spanish Wikibook

Free Spanish Lessons - Learn Spanish with free vocabulary lists and grammar lessons.

Living Spanish - Live and learn Spanish online, free site (beta) - comprehensive Spanish learning resource center with dictionary and translator

Tomísimo - Community to get help with Spanish and connect with other Spanish learners and Spanish speakers

Spanish Tuition Live - Learn spanish live one to one with native speaking tutors

Medical Spanish - Healthcare Spanish resources, including a dictionary with audio

Practicing Spanish - Medical Spanish for Healthcare Providers

Spanish Translation Help - Follow the course lesson by lesson or search for a particular lesson

Spanish Language Primer - Review of basic grammar and some basic vocabulary

e Learn Spanish Language - Free resources for students, teachers, and lovers of the Spanish language

Spanish Grammar Genius - Will answer your Spanish questions in 24-48 hours

Spanish Language & Culture - Lots of grammar exercises

Más Arriba: Spanish Language Exercises - interactive workbook of introductory Spanish language exercises

Spanish Flashcards - Monolingual or bilingual (Spanish - English)

Learn Spanish Online with Audio - With native audio recordings

Lingolex Learn Spanish - Help with vocabulary and grammar - Learn pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary

Spanish Language Tutorial - Free online Spanish language and culture tutorial

Spanish Pronto! - Several resource for learning Spanish

Spanglish Fun - Learn, speak, meet; online language learning community

Language Arena - Featuring Spanish articles, videos, books and more

Spanish NewsBites - Spanish language news for Spanish language learners

Spanish Only - Learn to speak Spanish fluently; blog from language learner

Spanish Proficiency Exercises - Video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from various locations throughout Latin America and Spain demonstrate various language tasks

InstaSpanish Podcast

Spanish Arriba

Coffee Break Spanish

Actualidades - blogueando per aprender


Catalan - virtual learning space that offers all the educational materials for learning the Catalan language

Intercat - electronic resources for learning the Catalan language and culture



Portuguese Language - Free basic Portuguese language tutorial with several free vocabulary lists.


Brazilian Portuguese

Portuguese Language Primer

Portuguese Language

Portuguese Online



Online Romanian Lessons

Learn the Romanian Language

Germanic Languages



Deutsch im Blick - First year German online course, from the University of Texas at Austin

Grimm Grammar - Grammar explanations to accompany Deutsch im Blick

BBC Languages - German

German Wikibook

Deutsche Welle - Free podcasts for learning German as well as an Interaktiv course

Deutsch-Lernen - Free online German course

Toms Deutschseite - Grammar and vocabulary, available in PDF format as well

Paul Joyce Beginners' German - 12 chapters of dialogues and exercises, with audio

Fokus Deutsch Video Series - Watch online [North America only]; transcripts also available

The German Way & More - Language and culture in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

German for Travellers - Learn German through audio

Online German Course - From DeutschAkademie

German Language School

LEO Dictionary - Best online German/English dictionary

Essential German - No frills approach to reading and writing German

German Teaching Materials - From Nancy Thuleen

Kontakte Online Activities - Exercises to accompany Kontakte textbook

Was ist los in Haupstrasse 117? - Online exercises for beginning German that accompany a soap opera on DVD and workbook - Blog for those learning German, with downloadable PDFs [site in German]

German on the Web Links - Links to online lessons and other resources, compiled by University of Michigan

German Exercises - Grammar and exercises, online or downloadable [site in French]

German Flashcards


Sites for German - Ranging from topics on language, business, travel, politics, culture and more

Swiss German Morphology and Lexicon - Also from Nancy Thuleen

19th Century German Stories - Some with English translations and comprehension exercises

German Review Grammar - Essentials of German Grammar, from the University of Winnipeg

German Language - German language schools, vocabulary and other resources

Passwort Deutsch - Site to accompany the Deutsch als Fremdsprache books [only works in Internet Explorer]

Pukka German - Real German Lingo

My Daily Phrase German

My German Class

Slow German

A Flavor of German

One Minute German

Deutsche Welle Learn German

UW-Madison German Podcasts


German Word Daily

German GrammarPod




Dutch Language Courses - For beginning and advanced students

Acht voor taal - Interactive Dutch language course for beginners

Dutch Grammar - Online grammar course, with podcast

Laura Speaks Dutch - Podcast - watch videos with subtitles to learn about Dutch language and culture

Dutch Resources - Links for foreign students of Dutch

Taalthuis Online Dutch Course - Beginning and Intermediate levels

Speak Dutch - Learn to speak Dutch, for foreigners and travellers

Learn Dutch - Resource for distance learners

Introduction to the Dutch language - 11 lessons, [no longer updated]

An Englishman's difficulties with Dutch

Dutch for Beginners

Dutch-German False Friends

Dutch Language


► Afrikaans

Open CourseWare: Afrikaans Online for Free



Yiddish Words and Expressions

Yiddish Language and Culture



Links about Swedish and Sweden

Björn Engdahl's Swedish Course

Swedish Grammar

Igloo Swedish Grammar

A Swedish Language Course

Get Started in Swedish



Danish for English Speakers

Learn to Speak Danish

Speak Danish






Icelandic Minigrammar

Icelandic Grammar Notebook

Slavic Languages

Teaching South Slavic Languages - A Survey of Textbooks and Reference Works

Listen to the Slavic Languages - Audio files and bilingual texts so you can read along


Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

Serbian/Croatian Survival Guide

Serbo-Croatian Online Exercises

Learn Bosnian

Serbian Grammar



Learn Russian

My Russian Lessons (also available in French)

Russian Video Blog - free Russian video lessons


A Spoonful of Russian Podcasts [No longer updated]

Taste of Russian Podcasts

Russian on Web

Russian Language for Lovers


Russian Lessons

Master Russian

Russian as a Foreign Language

Russian Grammar

Russian Reference Grammar

Russian Web Tutor




Ukrainian Language Resources



Learn Bulgarian Easily

Bulgarian for Foreigners

Easy Bulgarian



Polish Language Website



Czech Language Learning Resource

Czech Language and Culture



Learn Slovak

Slovak Language



Reading and Pronouncing Macedonian



Slovenian for Travellers

Baltic Languages



Lithuanian Out Loud


► Latvian

Learning Latvian Online

Greek & Latin


Greek & Latin Language Resources - Useful links for learning Latin and Ancient Greek

Greek & Latin Learning Tools - Greek and Latin grammar, vocabulary, tutorials and classic e-books

Celtic Languages



A Welsh Course

BBC Learn Welsh



BBC's Scottish Gaelic for beginners

Scottish Gaelic learners' materials online



Non Indo-European Languages / Signed Languages


African Language Resources


American Sign Language Browser

Sign Language Software

Basque / Euskara


Speak Morrocan


Kanji Networks


Learn Chinese with ChinesePod

Visual Mandarin

Mandarin - English XL

Chinese Voice


Bahasa Kita

Bahasa Indonesia

Seasite Indonesia

Beginning Indonesian

Indonesian Listening Materials

Intermediate Listening Materials


Short Introduction to Hieroglyphics


Finnish for Busy People

Finnish for Foreigners

Finnish Grammar

Finnish Language


Learn Biblical Hebrew Online

Hebrew Online

Learn Hebrew Verbs

Judaism 101: Hebrew Alphabet

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet

The Online Hebrew Tutorial

A Hungarian Language Course

Learn Kiswahili Online

Kamusi Project (Swahili)

e-learning Turkish grammar and language

Learn Turkish Online


Turkish-English Dictionary

Vietnamese Exercises

ESL/EFL Resources


ESL Flow


ESL Gold

ESL Wizard

ESL Galaxy


LanternFish - formerly Boggle's World

Learn English with Jokes and Riddles

Using English

Dave's ESL Cafe

Learn English Online

English Conversations

ELC Study Zone

E.L. Easton - English Online

Teach Children ESL

English Grammar Reference & Exercises

ESL Civics

EL Civics for ESL Students

ESL Resources for Students - From Purdue University

The Noll's ESL Books

Breaking News English - Downloadable resources and lesson plans

Activities for ESL/EFL Students -

ESL/EFL Sites - From

Learn English with Pictures

Resources in English as a Second Language

Web Language Lab [site in French]

Friends Fan Club - Transcripts of almost every episode in French and English

Ressources pour le collège - Huge site for collège-level lesson plans [site in French]

Karen's Linguistic Issues - Free resources for teachers and students of English

Aprender Ingles Con Sonido - Spanish site for learning English, with sound files

ESL Dewey - Teaching English in Taiwan

Learn English Online - Get English lessons and learn English language fast and easy

English Courses Online

English Language Insults

Translation Sites

Ask Translation - Worldwide translation and interpreting

French Canadian Translation Services - Hire a professional English/French translator

New Lingo - Translation services for companies and agencies in the UK and New Zealand

Professional Translation Services - Professional Translation Services from Global Lingo

Spanish Translation - Hire a freelance English-Spanish translator

Tomedes - The New Generation of Professional Translation

Tolingo - Free text and website translation

Trade & Tech Translations - Spanish to English translation for business, marketing, technical and architecture documents and websites

Translation Advisor - Professional translation services and free language translator

Translation Schools - Worldwide translation schools directory

Translation Services - PoliLingua delivers translation, localization and managed language solutions for clients large and small; in the corporate, government and personal sectors.


Job Sites

LanguageJobs4U - European and International language jobs

Lingua Jobs - Job portal specializing in multilingual and bilingual job vacancies worldwide

Top Language Jobs - Language recruitment website for language jobs in the UK and Ireland


Language Schools - Find and compare language schools worldwide - Foreign language schools for French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian

Accademia Leonardo - Study Italian on the Amalfi coast

BLS French Courses - Learn French in Bordeaux or Biarritz

Blue Planet Languages - Study a foreign language in the country where it is spoken!

Boa Lingua - Language studies worldwide

Bulgarian Lessons - in Veliko Tarnovo

Cactus Language - Language courses in the United Kingdom

Centro Culturale Conero - Italian language courses in le Marche, Italy

Centropuccini - Italian language school in Tuscany

CESA Languages - Language courses for all levels, in language schools abroad from 1 week to 1 year

CIC Argentina - Study Spanish in Argentina

Communicaid: Global Communication - French courses in London, Paris, Frankfurt, et al.

Conversational French Instruction - Learn French in Toronto

Deutsch Akademie - German language courses in Munich - College, University, MBA, phD, Bachelors and Masters degrees wordwide

Enjoy Russian - Russian language School Enjoy Russian

EDUQuality Language Schools - Language immersion courses abroad

EDURussian - Study Russian in Voronezh

Ecole Suisse des Langues - Learn French, German, English or Italian

ESL-Languages - Language studies abroad; 90 destinations in over 40 countries

Eurolingua Institute - Study abroad language programs in 35 countries

Exploring Abroad - Provides information on living, traveling, teaching, working, and volunteering abroad

Federico II - Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana - Italian language and culture courses in Sicily

Il Centro - Italian language courses in Milan

Institut Linguistique Adenet - Learn French in Montpellier, France

Insula Sevilla - Spanish language school in Sevilla

Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo - Italian language school in Tuscany

Istituto Michelangelo - Italian language school in Florence, Italy.

Italian Language School - Learn Italian in Rome - Language studies for price-conscious people

Language Courses New York - Several language courses throughout New York City

Language Trainers - Language courses; any language, anywhere, any time

Learn Languages Abroad - Study a language where it is spoken

Learn Spanish at 40 Language Schools

Learn Spanish in Mexico - Learn Spanish in Mexico in the Unesco World Heritage city of Queretaro, Mexico.  The safest city in Mexico

Learn Spanish in Spain at Quorum Language School - Spanish Online courses via videoconference with free trial

Learn Spanish in Spain - Spanish courses at Spanish Universities

Learn Spanish in Spain & Latin America

Lingua Schools - Learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America

Madrelingua Italiano - Learn Italian in Bologna

MyLanguageTravel - Language school reviews and study abroad guide

Omnilingua - Italian language course in Sanremo

Pro Linguis - Language studies abroad

Professional Language Solutions - an innovative training company headquartered in London, providing a full range of language training services to the corporate market worldwide

Scuola d'Italiano Roma - Italian language school on Via Nazionale in Rome

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Italian language school in Italy officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education

Scuola Tricolore - Italian Language School in Genoa

Sofi64 - French language school in southwest France

Spanish in the World - Spanish schools in Spain and Latin America

Spanish Language Source

Sprachaufenthalte 50Plus - Language holidays for people of the age of 50+

Sprachdirekt - We are an Language Journey Mediator and we are offering Language Courses in the USA, England, Ireland, Spain, France and Italy.

Stein Study Abroad - Learn French, Spanish, German or Italian abroad - Learn languages abroad

The Language Travel Company - Total immersion language program abroad

UniSpain - Spanish Language Courses in Spain

Wiracocha Spanish School - Spanish language immersion course in Cuzco, Peru

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