Authentic French Listening Resources: Videos and Transcripts

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Choose a video below and read along with the transcript to improve your comprehension of spoken French.

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Authentic French Videos

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Birthday cake in French

le gâteau d'anniversaire / birthday cake

Watch & Read

Sea lion show in French

le spectacle d'otaries / sea lion show

Watch & Read

Melina's doll in French

la poupée de Mélina / Mélina's doll

Watch & Read

Drinks in French

les boissons / drinks (to order at cafes in France)

Watch & Read

Stores in France

les magasins en France / stores in France

Watch & Read

What do you like to do in French

qu'est-ce que tu aimes (faire) ? / what do you like (to do)?

Watch & Read

Describing the home in French

chez moi / at my place

Watch & Read


Imperial Palace in Annecy

l'Impérial Palace d'Annecy / Imperial Palace in Annecy

Watch & Read

The Guy on the Cast in French

le bonhomme / the fellow/guy

Watch & Read

Talking about family in French

nos filles et mes frères / our daughters and my brothers

Watch & Read

Fast food places in France

les fast-foods en France / fast food restaurants in France

Watch & Read

Talking about clothes in French

qu'est-ce que tu portes ? / what are you wearing?

Watch & Read

Talking about food and meals in French

qu'est-ce qu'on mange en France ? / what do we eat in France?

Watch & Read

French Today - Master The Modern French Language


Authentic French Videos and Transcripts

This work by Dr. Jennifer Wagner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You may use, adapt, distribute, and edit these mp3s for personal and educational purposes as long as Dr. Wagner is attributed. No commercial use is allowed. French Listening Resources is listed in MERLOT, the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching.

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