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Yabla German and FluentU offer authentic German language through videos with subtitles and translations into English. If you'd like a guide to help with motivation and confidence in learning and speaking German, check out Why German is Easy.

Need more German? Try the German courses at Udemy, the audio and video lessons at GermanPod101.com, and the German Interlinear book with English translations

German I

1. Basic German Phrases

2. Pronunciation

3. Alphabet

4. Nouns & Cases

5. Articles & Demonstratives

6. Subject Pronouns

7. To Be, Have, Become

8. Useful Words

9. Question Words

10. Numbers

11. Days of the Week

12. Months of the Year

13. Seasons

14. Directions

15. Colors and Shapes

16. Time

17. Weather

18. Family

19. To Know People & Facts

20. Formation of Plural Nouns


German II

21. Possessive Adjectives

22. Accusative Case

23. Dative Case

24. Genitive Case

25. To Do or Make

26. Work & School

27. Prepositions

28. Contractions

29. Countries & Nationalities

30. Negative Sentences

31. To & From places

32. To Come & to Go

33. Modal Verbs

34. Conjugating Regular Verbs

35. Reflexive Verbs

36. Irregularities in Regular Verbs

37. Verbs with Prepositions

38. Separable Prefixes

39. Inseparable Prefixes

German National Anthem

Austrian National Anthem

Swiss National Anthem


German III

40. Present Perfect Tense

41. Irregular Past Participles

42. Sein Verbs & Participles

43. Food and Meals

44. Fruits, Vegetables, Meats

45. Genitive Partitive

46. Commands

47. Subordinating Conjunctions

48. Holiday Phrases

49. Helfen, lassen & senses

50. Places

51. Transportation

52. Simple Past / Imperfect Tense

53. Irregulars in Simple Past

54. House and Furniture

55. Location vs. Direction

56. Clothing

57. Future Tense

58. Asking Questions

59. Declensions of Adjectives

60. Adjectives

Recommended Resources


Interlinear Books helps you learn languages by reading fascinating books. Their books are translated into the Interlinear format, where the original is followed by an English translation below each word or expression. Click to check their books out. 

German IV

61. Comparative and Superlative

62. Sports

63. Nature

64. Object Pronouns

65. Parts of the Body

66. Relative Pronouns

67. Da and Wo Compounds

68. Animals

69. Likes and Dislikes

70. Past perfect tense

71. Als, wenn and wann

72. Review of Word Order

73. Flavoring Particles

74. Colloquial Expressions and Idioms

75. Word Formation

76. Adjectival Nouns

77. Ordinal Numbers

78. Passive Voice

79. Problems with the Passive

80. Avoiding the Passive

Die Lorelei


German V

81. Showing Purpose

82. Shopping

83. Post Office and Bank

84. Zu with Infinitives

85. Office / School Supplies

86. Expressions of Time

87. Travelling / Airport

88. Another

89. Cosmetics / Toiletries

90. Subjunctive II (Conditional)

91. Other Uses of the Subjunctive

92. Subjunctive I (Indirect Discourse)

93. Parts of a Car

94. Present participle

95. In the Ocean

96. Als ob / Als wenn

97. In Space

98. Future Perfect

99. Make-Believe Stuff

100. Spelling Reform

Review of Declensions of Nouns

German States

Austrian States

More Recommendations. Language textbooks are rather expensive and generally only include the formal, written language. You will need more exposure to the real spoken language if you want to be become fluent.


Yabla offers authentic language through German videos with subtitles and translations into English. Hundreds of videos are available with a range of German accents.   FluentU also offers many videos in French with subtitles and translations.


German Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar with free audio

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